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for ryan s. [10 Jan 2015|06:33pm]
01. ida: purely coincidental
02. jens lekman: i don't know if she's worth 900 kr
03. the boy least likely to: fur soft as fur
04. no kids: i love the weekend
05. clare & the reasons: pluto
06. the sea and cake: sound and vision
07. numonics: you lied
08. mocky feat. feist: fightin' away the tears
09. graeme downes: mastercontrol
10. antônio carlos jobim and elis regina: águas de março
11. nellie mckay: ding dong
12. mates of state: leave me at the tree
13. joan as police woman: eternal flame
14. built to spill: planting seeds
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"donut friends" mix for nicholas d. & haaland w. [03 Jan 2015|06:27pm]
01. kings of convenience: the beat of a drum
02. the spinanes: eleganza
03. thao & the get down stay down: yes, so on and so on
04. stars: the very thing
05. quase adjuvante: café com maçã
06. hedgehog: dragon dung ball
07. human highway: the sound
08. weezer: holiday
09. the boy least likely to: i see spiders when i close my eyes
10. jamie lidell: another day
11. the morning benders: fools rush in
12. fother muckers: aunque todo salió mal
13. telegraph: coffee drinking song
14. black tambourine: dream baby dream
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for kanika s. [06 Dec 2014|08:28am]
01. lois: the way i feel inside
02. ida: f. boyfriend
03. natalia lafourcade: no viniste
04. julie doiron: he will forget
05. holden: c'est plus pareil
06. sarge: the first morning
07. galaxie 500: isn't it a pity
08. st. vincent: all my stars aligned
09. clare & the reasons: ooh you hurt me so
10. mocky feat. feist: fightin' away the tears
11. jorge drexler: ganas de ti
12. camera obscura: i can't stay mad at you
13. portland cello project feat. laura gibson: hands in pockets
14. la casa azul: yo también
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"the build-up," a mix for mark t. [03 Dec 2014|08:24am]
01. galaxie 500: melt away
02. black tambourine: for ex-lovers only
03. la buena vida: no lo esperaba de mí
04. domingo: a good thing
05. camera obscura: the world is full of strangers
06. cymbals eat guitars: definite darkness
07. taken by cars: neon brights
08. the velcro shoes: settle down
09. junip: far away
10. tracey thorn: raise the roof
11. the tough alliance: take no heroes
12. lucius: hey, doreen
13. jenny lewis: just one of the guys
14. yuck: georgia
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for nicky c. [01 Dec 2014|08:18am]
01. jens lekman & tracey thorn: yeah! oh yeah!
02. the mr. t experience: i don't need you now
03. eux autres: another christmas at home
04. wild flag: short version
05. the rondelles: he's outta sight
06. team dresch: i'm illegal
07. built to spill: you were right
08. st. vincent: marrow
09. the clean: big cat
10. regina: saanko jäädä yöksi?
11. school of seven bells: chain
12. dntel: (this is) the dream of evan and chan
13. alex & daniel: segunda
14. the blow: true affection
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philly mix for erika o. [25 Nov 2014|08:21am]
01. jens lekman: a sweet summer's night on hammer hill
02. hedgehog: dear boy i wanna be your girl friend
03. ex hex: don't wanna lose
04. st. vincent: birth in reverse
05. the most secret method: the real sex
06. built to spill: you were right
07. real estate: kinder blumen
08. jóvenes y sexys: como siempre soñé
09. the clean: getting to you
10. black tambourine: can't explain
11. slant 6: what kind of monster are you?
12. braid: hugs from boys
13. drive like jehu: if it kills you
14. the evens: cut from the cloth
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for fanghui x. [16 Nov 2014|08:14am]
01. blossom dearie: try your wings
02. feist: how my heart behaves
03. camera obscura: let's go bowling
04. jens lekman: jag tyckte hon sa lönnlöv
05. for stars: n.y. gets cold
06. porter: kiosko
07. st. vincent: all my stars aligned
08. lois: the way i feel inside
09. ida: shoe-in
10. belle and sebastian: (my girl's got) miraculous technique
11. jóvenes y sexys: como siempre soñé
12. la sera: real boy
13. mirah: the garden
14. nina zilli: l'inferno
jump start.

for rose c. [13 Nov 2014|08:11am]
01. black tambourine: black car
02. javiera mena: cámara lenta
03. ásgeir trausti: heimförin
04. the sea and cake: earth star
05. moscow olympics: no winter, no autumn
06. taken by trees: no letting go
07. fármacos: si nadie abre
08. holden: longue est ma descente
09. belle and sebastian: if she wants me
10. regina: mustavalkeaa
11. ex-otago: costa rica
12. la casa azul ft. duglas stewart: bad guys
13. jens lekman: your beat kicks back like death
14. thao & the get down stay down: every body
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for clayton r. v. [13 Nov 2014|08:06am]
01. esperanza spalding: samba em preludio
02. domingo: oh my
03. ásgeir trausti: hljóða nótt
04. ida: coupons
05. my morning jacket: xmas curtain
06. st. vincent: human racing
07. ana tijoux: la nueva condena
08. poliça: fist, teeth, money
09. eiafuawn: the coffin was so light i thought it might float away
10. real estate: out of tune
11. andrew bird: oh no
12. antônio carlos jobim and elis regina: águas de março
13. jorge drexler: mundo abisal
14. clare & the reasons: everybody wants to rule the world
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for meaghan a. [01 Nov 2014|12:00pm]
01. mirah: monument
02. bot'ox: blue steel
03. la casa azul: yo también
04. joan as police woman: eternal flame
05. lucius: how loud your heart gets
06. fármacos: despegarte de mí
07. the sea and cake: polio
08. cibo matto: king of silence
09. thao & the get down stay down: body
10. broken social scene: water in hell
11. the blow: hey boy
12. st. vincent: dilettante
13. electric light orchestra: it's over
14. barbara morgenstern: alles was lebt bewegt sich
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"library pals mix" for rachel a. [26 Oct 2014|06:57pm]
01. lucius: turn it around
02. rilo kiley: with arms outstretched
03. frida hyvönen: you never got me right
04. camera obscura: come back margaret
05. comet gain: stay with me till morning
06. sarge: put in the reel
07. young marble giants: wurlitzer jukebox
08. omara portuondo & jorge drexler: gracias
09. calexico: crystal frontier
10. kings of convenience: live long
11. joan as police woman: to be loved
12. white shoes & couples company: tenang cita
13. morgan geist: lullaby
14. ida: plans
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"an intense mix" for andy p. [25 Oct 2014|10:53am]
01. wolf colonel: we'll always have phoenix
02. galaxie 500: i can't believe it's me
03. él mató a un policía motorizado: terror
04. outerhope: no end in sight
05. 渚にて: 渚のわたし (nagisa ni te: me on the beach)
06. unwound: nervous energy
07. christie front drive: away
08. bedford: those kneepads
09. maserati: monoliths
10. korea girl: b-side
11. black twig: lake song
12. red stars theory: a sailor's warning
13. jawbreaker: ache
14. nymb: aluminum origami
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for chris c. & faith c. [23 Oct 2014|07:42pm]
01. portland cello project: the super mario bros. theme song
02. jenny lewis: see fernando
03. built to spill: planting seeds
04. against me!: we laugh at danger (and break all the rules)
05. skull kontrol: satan is jesus to me
06. the most secret method: bronze
07. helvetia: old, new bicycle
08. zone out: clothes (still stick of it)
09. shop assistants: train from kansas city
10. the velcro shoes: chapter one
11. figurine: IMpossible
12. numonics: you lied
13. stars: the very thing
14. korea girl: jessie's girl
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"mustard friends" mix for megan m. [22 Oct 2014|10:00am]
01. petra haden: don't stop believin'
02. taken by trees: day by day
03. barbara morgenstern: teil für teil
04. lois: strumpet
05. nellie mckay: sari
06. camera obscura: i need all the friends i can get
07. those dancing days: hitten
08. nymb: front door
09. korea girl: reunion
10. discount: dreamt this was a castle
11. taken by cars: the afterhours
12. red monkey: baking and dirt
13. clare & the reasons: pluto
14. aroah: pequeña y verde
15. slant 6: time expired
16. natalia lafourcade: un derecho de nacimiento
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mark is 32 [05 Jan 2014|08:00am]
01. natalia lafourcade & alex ferreira: aventurera
02. mates of state: proofs
03. the mr. t experience: don't go breaking my heart
04. javeria mena: sufrir
05. lisa & the lips: stop the dj
06. poliça: wandering star
07. mala rodríguez: en mi ciudad hace caló
08. hello seahorse!: won't say anything
09. al green: tired of being alone
10. dear nora: from my bedroom window
11. julieta venegas: lo que venga después
12. eux autres: when i'm up
13. stars: this charming man
14. discount: dreamt this was a castle
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for emily b. [13 Dec 2013|02:11pm]
01. solange: stillness is the move
02. david byrne & st. vincent: lighting (ken rockafeller remix)
03. bajofondo feat. julieta venegas: pa' bailar - siempre quiero más
04. enon: natural disasters
05. the morning benders: lovefool
06. pedropiedra: en esta mansión
07. regina: saanko jäädä yöksi?
08. the blow: hey boy
09. alex & daniel: baby
10. al green: light my fire
11. nellie mckay: beecharmer
12. thao & the get down stay down: body
13. the sea and cake: sound and vision
14. camera obscura: i missed your party
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for jasper c. [08 Jun 2010|08:03am]
01. lync: pennies to save
02. the evens: crude bomb
03. red stars theory: slow curve
04. broken social scene: water in hell
05. maserati: monoliths
06. chisel: do go on
07. braid: i'm afraid of everything
08. cymbals eat guitars: living north
09. superchunk: my noise
10. tsunami: david foster wallace
11. moscow olympics: no winter, no autumn
12. plants and animals: good friend
13. calexico: sirena
14. nymb: aluminum origami
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for emelyn l. [04 Jun 2010|09:45pm]
01. camera obscura: lunar sea
02. broken social scene: i slept with bonhomme at the cbc
03. mala rodríguez: volveré
04. stars: your ex-lover is dead
05. françoiz breut: les jeunes pousses
06. school of seven bells: chain
07. freelance whales: hannah
08. souvenir: rue gambetta
09. jarabe de palo: bonito
10. natalia lafourcade: cursus melodías
11. la casa azul: siempre brilla el sol
12. those dancing days: home sweet home
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for mary l. [02 Jun 2010|05:05pm]
01. holden: un toit étranger
02. carla bruni: ma jeunesse
03. diving with andy feat. coralie clément: the test of time
04. original folks: riding shotgun
05. fairguson: map monde
06. françoiz breut: de fil en aiguille (ouvrages de dames)
07. étienne jaumet: doppler inverse
08. electric electric: je t'aime, j'te jure
09. frànçois & the atlas mountains: grande avenue
10. margo: my cat
11. domingo: the ground
12. la féline: mystery train
13. mjo: rends-moi mon cœur
14. stereo total: prends-moi
15. souvenir: un tambour différent
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for yuki o. [01 Jun 2010|05:05pm]
01. mala rodríguez: en mi ciudad hace caló
02. red monkey: baking and dirt
03. discount: dreamt this was a castle
04. oh! violet: queda un mes de invierno
05. corazón: esto ya no es lo que era
06. holden: ce que je suis
07. the love language: stars
08. natalia lafourcade: hora de compartir
09. ulises hadjis: hoy
10. julieta venegas: bien o mal
11. la casa azul: prefiero bailar
12. camera obscura: let's get out of this country
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